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  • Ease of Navigation
    Standard websites have a common problem that they are not compatible with every mobile device. Users have to face problems by zooming and scrolling the web pages to get a complete view. We provide websites with simple user interface that can be navigated easily on any mobile device and gadgets. Mobile website provided by us is based on menu driven system that helps in easy navigation without any interruptions. By figuring the optimal link path from landing to sale, menu selections flow intuitively
  • Let Visitors Just Tap To Call You, Expect More Calls!
    Connecting with every person will get more and more customers. With tap to call feature built in mobile websites, customers can call you easily. Gone are the days when you had to note down the contact number from the website and then make a call with your phone; now you just need to tap the number on the mobile website. This will automatically dial the contact number from the website. This is a cool feature indeed. This feature is in the contact page and encourages potential customers and clients to call you whenever necessary.
  • Tap to SMS
    In the modern technology world it is mandatory to have official phone for a company. With tap to SMS feature, your prospective clients and customers can text messages anytime they want to contact you. This feature is similar to tap to call, however it has few more advantages. Calling would take more time and effort than texting any query, this is an instant feature and you can get results in no time.
  • Google Map Integration
    With Google maps on mobile websites, you can locate any direction from anywhere. This is a useful feature and can help your clients and customers to locate your office in no time. Moreover, the calling cost and time will be reduces while enquiring the directions. Search engine value can also be enhanced and the website can become user friendly and highly optimized.
  • SEO Optimized
    Mobile websites will be highly optimized for improved search results in Google and other search engines. We incorporate friendly SEO techniques into mobile websites to get high ranks in many popular search engines. Check out this ultimate feature right away!
  • Social Media integrated (one Click Sharing)
    Social media marketing is getting increasingly popular every day. This is a new way of online marketing and effective method to get connected with clients. Your mobile websites design integrates social buttons for sharing and connecting with just a few clicks. Take your business global with the social integration icons available on your mobile website.
  • Video Integration
    Video Marketing is the newest approach for marketing your product or services. We all know Video motivate potential clients to act quicker and they are heavily shared. So If you have any Video on Youtube or you want to integrate any Youtube Video in your Mobile Website, We will integrate that seamlessly.
  • Quicker Loading Pages – Less Bandwidth required
    Almost all users have limited data plans on their mobile device. Nobody wants to spend to much downloading bandwidth from websites. Mobile websites we design generally take 90% less bandwidth than the standard websites, displays the important stuff only, and saves your visitor money.
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